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Minority Mentor Retreat

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The MMR is an opportunity for first year minority students at Mercer University to become acquainted with other minority students prior to being introduced to the entire Mercer community. This overnight experience is a staple for incoming minorities at major institutions who may have a difficult time acclimating to their campus. Moreover, our program offers students a home base of familiar faces from which they can branch out to become successful and involved Mercerians.

    Minority Mentor Retreat Campus Tour—The Mentors give a brief introduction to Mercer’s campus. Tour highlights include but are not limited to: the Fresh Food Company, Tarver Library, The Bursar’s office, Connell Student Center, and the University Center.
    Faculty/Staff Meet and Greet—A social mixer to introduce freshmen to Mercer University’s minority faculty and staff.
    “What every freshman should know”—An open informational forum for students to ask questions about any current topics regarding their freshman year.
    Choose Me to be Your Mentor Showcase—The Minority Mentors provide stellar entertainment as they show off their talents, skills, and abilities to persuade freshmen to choose them as their mentor!
    Team Building—Mentees and Mentors participate in off-campus team building activities to boost group morale.
    The Minority Mentor Program Skit & Video Presentation—Mentors perform a host of scenarios for freshmen to learn the “do’s” and “don’ts” of freshman year.