Minority Mentor Retreat

Minority Mentor RetreatMinority Mentor Retreat Minority Mentor Retreat

The Minority Mentor Program (MMP) Retreat is an opportunity for incoming first year MU students to move in a week early and participate in a week-long experience. At the end of the week, students pair up with a mentor and become "mentees" in the program. Mentees have the chance to select their mentors as they are not assigned to them. The MMP retreat is designed for mentees to get acclimated to the University and adjust to college life prior to the arrival of all other incoming freshmen. Mentees participate in workshops, tours, off- campus events, service learning opportunities and recreational activities. In addition, mentees participate in a Faculty of Color Luncheon and a Multi-Ethnic Luncheon. All meals are provided during the week and students move into their already assigned residence halls. By the end of the week, mentees are more familiar with the campus, the city of Macon,  other mentees, mentors and MMP Staff.  The expectation is that the mentee-mentor relationship will continue for the entire academic year. Mentees will get support from the mentors  that include personal support, academic support and group activiites. In addition, campus-wide events and service learning opportunities are available for mentees to participate in. For some,  life-long bonds will form as a result of participation in MMP!